Well my play last night on Portland went down in flames.The Lakers played very strong on the defensive end and just shut down the Blazers.Portland did miss alot of open shots and Oden got hurt in the second quarter (can you say injury prone)But it was just one of those nights.Tonight I want to bounce back with 2 games that look solid.

record to date 0-1

Toronto @ Philadelphia (-5.5)
Both teams come into this season greatly improved.The Sixers added Elton Brand and the Raptors added Jermaine O'Neal.With that being said I think Toronto is the better team.With a combo of O'Neal and Bosh and a solid young point guard in Calderone this team will be a force.I like the points here and a small play on the ML.


Denver @ Utah (-7)
The Nuggets have lost alot on defense with the loss of Marcus Camby.And with a banged up Iverson to start the season I think laying the points here is a no brainer.Denver has had problems in the past playing in Salt Lake City and thier struggles will continue tonight.